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Comic Book Pressing and Cleaning.

Avery Comic Pressing LLC is owned and operated by Josh Avery, and is fully insured by Collectible Insurance Services. Josh Avery is a CBCS dealer and authorized witness, and a CGC dealer.

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Josh Avery displays unmatched pressing talent and cleaning ability. Take a look at our comparisons and see for yourself.

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Josh Avery's work gets great reviews, read below!


After long and hard research I decided to go with Josh Avery to trust with my most valuable comics and he didn't dissapoint. He is very friendy, knowledable and extremely honest about whether he should press certain books and takes his time to explain why. He was very time effective and the best part is that his rates are incredibly affordable. He got me much higher grades than I anticipated and his cleaning skills are absolutely incredible. If you're on the fence for any reason contact Josh today. Allow him to answer any questions or concerns you may have.


I cannot say enough great things about Josh and the work he does cleaning and pressing. But he goes above and beyond that with amazing communications and honesty. He takes great care with your books as if they were his own. Very knowledgable and honest. One book I sent needed a lot of help, Josh honestly said that it has binding issues and may separate (old DC 100 page book). I told him to proceed anyway, not only was he so meticulous and gentle on the book when I got it back I was blown away simply amazing. Getting ready to send my second batch of books for cleaning and pressing in the next few days. If you haven't used Josh yet you should. Great work, great communication and just a really nice guy on top of it all.


Josh is one of the more solid and talented comic book pressers out there - who is also CBCS-approved! Great communication and professionalism with your books at every stage of the game. He always provides pictures for you before the books are submitted for grading or returned to you. You can trust him to treat your books with the care as if they were their own.

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