Comic Book Pressing and Cleaning.

Avery Comic pressing, LLC. is owned and operated by Joshua Avery. Avery Comic pressing LLC is fully insured by collectibles insurance services. Josh is a CGC, CBCS dealer, and a CBCS facilitator.

Results That Matter.


Pressing: can remove mirror flaws or defects such as dents, bends, rippling due to moisture, non-color break stress. Spine rolls. Pressing uses heat, pressure, and humidification when it is beneficial to the book to remove these issues.

Cleaning: Removes dirt, grime, and some surface staining. Foxing, ink, or water stains can not be cleaned. 

Highest Quality Pressing

Josh Avery uses only the best tools and techniques to press and/or clean your comic book.

Discount On Grading Services

Josh Avery works with the industry leading CGC and CBCS to offer a discount to his customers.

Inspection. Repair. Grade.

Josh Avery will inspect your comic books and let you know if pressing or cleaning is possible and worth it. Josh will bring back your comic book to its glory without using any restoration. After your services are finished you can have Josh send your comic book to a 3rd party grading company.

Comic Services


The complete book is pressed more than one time if needed. Books with signatures can also be pressed.


Dry cleaning removes dirt, grime, and some surface staining. Foxing, ink, or water stains can not be cleaned. Spot tacking is done when needed.

Grading Submissions

Josh can send out your comic book to get graded by CGC, CBCS, or any other location you choose.


Customer Feedback

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Happy Customers

    positive review  My first time having books cleaned/pressed and I used Josh Avery. The books came back looking great and I am really happy!!! I already sent him another batch of books 🙂

    Bryce Burger
    May 12, 2020

    positive review  The best if the best. There is nobody I trust more with my comics than Josh. *****

    Ryan Lawson
    April 28, 2020



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If you collect comic books, you have heard about the art (and science) of pressing comic books. This is the act of taking a comic book that has existing wrinkles, folds, creases, waviness, non-color breaking ticks or damaged in a way that makes the comic book no longer flat, and basically making it lay flat again….

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If you have any books that have been delivered this week for signings and the box is not marked on the outside please contact me .
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Est tats on incoming orders . 11-14 weeks . There is a large amount being received please be patient as they are getting are checked in . Thank you every !
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Wow what an amazing giveaway Thank you so much for some amazing 9.8s still can't believe I won these.
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Some color damaged left behind form the hard substance .

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