Terms & Agreement

These terms are your terms, these terms are my terms, from California to the New York island.

Shipping Details

From client to Avery Comic Pressing, LLC: (See Example)

Avery Comic Pressing 
C/O Josh Avery  
PO BOX 142  
Harwich, MA 02645  

The above mentioned info should be on the package clear and neat, so USPS/UPS/FedEx can deliver properly and promptly to Avery Comic Pressing, LLC. Please use the following steps to insure proper handling and care of your package:

– Please pack your valuable collectables squarely in a USPS/UPS/FedEx shipping box. With any package material to secure your collectibles to prevent any damages that might occur.

– Please make sure to clearly write in bold FRAGILE and DO NOT BEND on both sides of package to ensure proper handling of package.

– All Clients are required to send it with a signature confirmation from USPS/UPS/FedEx. To ensure that there is evidence that package was received by Avery Comic Pressing, LLC.

– Also ALL CLIENTS please be advised that Insurance from any and all shipping agencies must be included when shipping to Avery Comic Pressing, LLC. Avery CP, LLC will not be responsible for any packages that are not insured by the client. **ALL Packages must include shipping insurance in order to cover any loss or damages that may occur from client to Avery CP, LLC.**

Insurance Information

Avery Comic Pressing LLC, possesses insurance through the Collectibles Insurance Services– Insurance Details. CIS’s Insurance will cover your collectables, while at Avery Comic Pressing, LLC for any and all of possible threats or exposure through fire, theft, water damage, or any circumstantial problems. CIS’s insurance also covers shipping from Avery Comic Pressing, LLC (Shipping requirements are followed under Shipping Details) to any grading company.

**To client:

CBCS or CGC return shipping to client, CBCS, or CGC the insurance on your collectables will be the partly determined by the Fair Market Value and the value received by the customer on the submission form under FMV (Fair Market Value). All books will be shipped priority with signature confirmation. Avery Comic pressing LLC will not be held liable for loss or damaged items from USPS. Avery Comic book pressing will file a claim with Collectibles Insurance Services and all claims collected will be sent to the customer.**

±±Fair Market Value (FMV) Defined: Books are for insured for FMV while in our CGC/CBCS possession and when being shipped. Pressing & grading fees are in part determined by FMV. Resources for determining FMV include The Overstreet Price Guide or comicspriceguide.com

Unclaimed Item Clause

For any items left over 60 day(s) period, Avery Comic Pressing, LLC will have the right to either charge a fee per day after the 60th calendar day or following business operating day (which will be considered as Monday.) This fee will not exceed passed total due of services rendered but will not be limited to any lesser than value of services of quoted.

Storage fees are as followed:

1-30 days left $0.10 per book per day 31-60 days left $0.20 per book per day. This is not to exceed $3.00 after 30 days or $10.00 total after a 60 days of storage. After 3 months Avery Comic Pressing, LLC.; there will be a *monthly fee.

*On the third month Avery Comic Pressing, LLC has the right to impose a monthly fee of $6.00 from the 31st day forward based on a monthly basis. This fee will end till items are picked up or requested by client and charges are paid.

**All charges are subject to change based on day to day based on agreement that both parties reach.**

Client is responsible for all items left with Avery Comic Pressing, LLC. Avery Comic Pressing, LLC will not be responsible or liable for any items after 180 days; after 180 days ACP, LLC will be the sole owner of items pending any communication between previous owner and Avery CP, LLC. Client will need to cover all cost that has incurred over the time that the items were stored with Avery Comic Pressing, LLC.


By signing/agreeing to this agreement you the client, agree to the following terms of pressing services from Joshua Avery; also unknown as Avery Comic Pressing LLC. By agreeing to this waiver, I as the Submitter/Client, with full understanding that, Avery Comic Pressing, LLC will not be responsible for any or all damages to any or all comic book(s) that may occur during the pressing process. I, the Client, understand there is potential risk of damages that might occur during the pressing process, from handling or process that will be performed on the book. The Client will not hold Avery Comic Pressing, LLC for punitive damages, if any damages happen; (which is maybe an rare occurrence, but may happen if certain situations occur. You as the Client are aware of such problems may occur). Customer satisfaction is very important, if any damage does occur, Avery Comic Pressing, LLC; in good faith will try to find a resolution that will be satisfactory for the client.

As for CGC Terms and Conditions can be viewed at: https://www.cgccomics.com/terms/#TermsAndConditions

As for CBCS Terms and Conditions can be viewed at: https://www.cbcscomics.com/terms

As for CIS Insurance details: https://collectinsure.com/what-we-insure/comics​

Resources Links

Comics Price Guide — https://comicspriceguide.com 
CGC Grading Service — https://cgccomics.com
CBCS Grading Service — https://cbcscomics.com

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